Dentures and Partials

A complete set of teeth improves your confidence and self-esteem, but it also increases the longevity of your natural teeth by removing stress placed on them. However, even the best partials or dentures can't compete with natural teeth in ability to chew food efficiently and comfortable. As the years go by, the supporting ridges that remain after teeth have been removed gradually change and get smaller. Patients should have their dentures checked at least once a year.

While we wish no one would ever need dentures, sometimes they are the most reasonable option.  In the past wearing dentures was the only form of dentistry available to improve a person’s smile. When they are indicated we take the time necessary to create attractive, well fitting dentures. They can’t beat a set of your own teeth when they are healthy and straight, but when natural teeth can’t be restored dentures look great and chew well.

If a person has lost too much of their jawbone to steady their dentures, implants can be placed. The dentures are attached to the implants to hold them firmly in place.  If you have this problem, call us for a consultation appointment.

Dr. Rasner uses advanced techniques that allow you to actually see what your smile will look like beforehand. And he can adjust your dentures to ensure a natural look and a precise, comfortable fit.


Dental services provided by Dr. Rasner: